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[Swanberg's] behavior toward his former girlfriend, Sila Salas, is enough to make citizens question Swanberg’s judgment. Her job is in the Benton County Justice Center where Swanberg also works, and now he is not allowed to be within 25 feet of her workplace. ...[I]t isn’t fair to expect citizens to go before a judge who is under such a heavy cloud of doubt.

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This guy is a total piece of... work. He needs to resign immediately and everyone here should demand it. These allegations are far more than anything Sam can overcome to remain a trustworthy Judge.  ... 

RESIGN immediately Sam Swanberg.

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Tri-City Herald Editorial Board

Swanberg should have known better than to start a relationship with a subordinate in the workplace. That he continued to confront her at work, overwhelm her with texts, emails and voice messages and ignored her pleas to leave her alone is clearly behavior unbecoming of a judge.

Washington Statutes

"[A] litigant who exercises the statutory right afforded by §4.12.050 may obtain a change of judge without regard to whether the bias alleged is real....  Once the requisite motion and affidavit have been seasonably filed, prejudice is deemed established, and the judge must step down."

Judicial Disqualification

Behind This Site

Behind this site?  Just one person:  a concerned taxpayer and resident of the Tri-Cities area.

I'm one of you. Living here since the 1990's, I've held countless volunteer jobs, committee positions and board seats.

I own a small business.  I own my home. 

And I believe that Judge Swanberg has lost the confidence of the community.  He must resign.